The Quiet Celebrations is an NYC based psychedelic/indie rock pop musical solo project by Carlos Ledesma. The two eps, Doll House + Wake Up Lullabies were co-produced by Ian Love. The single Strange Jones was produced by Will Berman (MGMT). 

Songs have been featured on MTV shows as well as in independent films + TV commercials. The recordings and live bands have had musical contributions by:

rosario ortega christiana key john herguth dustin wilson juan mojoli brannon shaw chris daly dave kulund guido colzani dilia jelen jim kimball nicky kulund leandro lopatin lillian shaw perm brady sandra ciriello santi martinez victoria moyer richard steel phoenix catherine malen denis garrett klahn charlie walker acacia marie fusco kristine fayne-mulroy jessica milton nat freedberg sole d'agostino gabriel marques dan salinetti erin miller nicole verhamme 

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